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The USS Matrix, NCC-72296, is a Gabriel Class Shuttle Carrier, designed by Doctor James Lythgoe and commissioned by Starfleet on 9711.18. The Matrix is the third ship of Doctor Lythgoe's Gabriel Class, the second oldest remaining in service.

The Matrix is a first response ship for Starfleet. She serves as needed in the defense of the Federation against the Jem'Hadar, the Borg, the Cardassians, the Romulans, or any other threat that might arise. While potentially a powerful offensive weapon, the Matrix's primary mission is one of peace, protecting Federation space and promoting the Federation's peaceful existence.

In addition to the gallant role of deep space peacekeeper, the Matrix serves as a portable way station for Starfleet. With its immense shuttle capacity, the Matrix is essential for the fleet's shuttlecraft and runabout maintenance, transport, and deployment. The Matrix is also capable of maintaining, transporting and deploying Defiant and Michael class vessels.

(taken from Ship's Operations Manual, 2011)

Ship's SpecsShip's Operations Manual

Brief description of departments and their responsibilities

Command: Personnel, Records, Finance, Legal, Training Officer, SFA (Academy) Liaison, all other admin responsibilities

Operations: STARFLEET and other sci-fi activities

Communications: Sci-fi and Trek-related listservs, ftp sites, websites etc. Operation and promotion of Ship's website

Security: Gaming, Computer Gaming, Comics, Cards, Trivia

Engineering: Quartermaster (merchandise), Fabrications (uniforms), Holodeck (toys)

Sciences: Science, Space Exploration, Science Fiction

Medical: Coordinates Community Service efforts/programs, Emergency Operations (real life crises); includes Counselor and Chaplain.

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